"La mosaïque" Embroidered shirt


This one of a kind shirt is inspired by the intricate tile work that adorns the walls of many ancient palaces in India. The shirt is hand embroidered with 3 different color threads to make a one of a kind color that shines in different colors in different lights.

A true piece of art, each shirt takes 4-5 days to embroider by hand. 

Male model in the pictures is wearing a size M

Height- 188 cms

Female model in the pictures is wearing a size M

Height - 175 cms

NOTE- Each piece is hand embroidered by experienced craftsmen. Kindly give us 7-10 working days to process this order. 


 Perte D'ego is a sustainable brand focusing on designing and creating unique and meaningful pieces. Each and every piece of garment is hand made in our studio in New Delhi, India using the best fabrics from around the world and by the most experienced craftsmen. 


“Perception of the world portrayed through unique pieces" 



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